Ritchie Grain Elevator

Location Address and Phone                    Ritchie 2023 Discount Schedule

34511 Elevator Rd                                                                    Ritchie Cash Bids 

Wilmington, IL 60481

Location Office phone: 815-476-3037


Location Contacts

Ashlyn Bales: 815-216-8217

Additional Contacts

Jay Mueller: 217-249-9545

Tim Mueller: 217-249-9548


Services Offered

Grain Drying, and Storage

Grain Merchandising

Farm splits, split grain checks come settlement time

Phone app, and online grower portal to track contracts, settlements and tickets through Barchart


Please call Akron Services Brimfield location for all your grain merchandising needs. Please ask for Tyler Endress or Alan Knobloch. Phone Number 309-446-3777


Other services Offered

Grain Marketing Management and Brokerage services