Akron Services’ 2023 Average Pricing Program


      We are in the signup phase for our 2023 Average Selling Price Program.


      The ASP 2023 program is a very simple and straight forward selling program for clients that choose to have a percentage of their 2023 production priced for them. Akron Services will price your consigned grain in equal increments on every Wednesday at noon, starting April 5th and continuing through July 26th .

      This will create 17 sales through the historically high time for grain markets as we review and look back over the past 25 years. Obviously this system can be incorrect, as all systems can, so we think a common sense approach limits the bushels consigned to a program like this to 25% - 30% of expected production.

      Each client will be assigned an individual HTA cash grain contract at the end of the pricing time period and it will be up to their discretion as to the disposition of that HTA. Basis can be set for fall delivery, December delivery, rolled ahead to a future month, etc.

      HTA fees will be taken out of the average price at the time the HTA is assigned to the client and no other costs will be accrued with this selling program. The established HTA fee for this year’s program is 5 cents per bushel.


Email tyler.endress@akronservices.com

           Please call the Brimfield, Edelstein, Cramer or Glasford office to consign the bushels you want to enroll in this program by the 31st of March.


                                       Thank you for your grain business!